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When it comes to office equipment, it is easy to get stuck in a rut. You might think that your old standby printer is working just fine. And, while it probably is, we can do better than just fine! Outdated office devices waste time and money, and nobody wants that for their company.

Some of the Benefits of Upgrading Your Printers and Copiers

Top Quality

Your office printer was probably top-of-the-line when you got it, but with technology advancing so rapidly, it might be outdated by now. When you upgrade to new equipment, you are getting so much more for your money.

Cost Saving

The first thought many business managers have when it comes to getting new office equipment is that they can’t afford it. Don’t suffer from sticker shock. Although the initial cost of a new machine might seem high, that number does not represent the entire picture. With a more efficient printer, the cost of printing—cost-per-page, supplies, maintenance—typically goes down. On top of that, there are various lease and payment plan options to help you.

Maintenance and More

The cost of maintaining and repairing printers can be expensive, but you can offset the worry with a new, high-quality model. New printers perform faster, produce higher quality work, and have a lower chance of malfunctioning than older models. Plus, if you combine your new equipment with managed print services, we will oversee and maintain your printers, detecting and preventing issues before they occur.


While your current printer might be chugging along, it is not excelling. New MFPs have so many features to offer. Investing in a new office printer is not just about getting the latest bells and whistles—it is about getting a printer with all of the options that your business needs to produce high-end work in less time. The more efficient the machine, the better it is for your workflows and your budget.

Safety and Security

With upgraded office equipment comes elevated security. The more sophisticated the office printer becomes, the more information must be safeguarded. New options offer a myriad of security solutions, as well as tracking and login options, and print limitations.

So, although you might initially think your business does not need (or cannot afford) a new office printer or multifunction device, upon further investigation you will see the that many benefits of upgrading are well worth it. For more information on acquiring new office equipment, contact Zeno Office Solutions.