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When was the last time you evaluated the way your construction company handles documents? With as many as 60% of construction companies moving to electronic document management solutions, is the time right for you to do the same?

Eliminate Time Wasters with These Benefits

You wouldn’t hold onto an employee who wastes hours and hours of your valuable time each day, so why hang onto a system that does the same thing? If your team struggles to access your documents, you’re losing money. Here’s how document management can change all of that:

Instant Access

Cloud storage puts your documents where they need to be—at your team’s fingertips. Instead of making your employees sort through hundreds or thousands of disorganized folder structures or paper documents, electronic document management makes access a simple matter of a keyword search. Here’s a list of the major benefits:

  • Faster decision-making to keep projects moving forward.
  • Fewer missed deadlines.
  • Faster responses to requests for updated information.
  • Faster access to change orders.
  • Less time and money overall spent on searching and waiting for information.

Mobile Device Access

Document management software is a perfect solution for construction companies who need mobile access. When team members can’t get anytime/anywhere access to information, the loss of time and money can be substantial. Consider these advantages:

  • Less time and money wasted driving around to job sites searching for information.
  • Supervisors and team members won’t need to interrupt their work because they can’t access a document.
  • Faster project completion.

Improved Document Sharing

Construction managers know that inspections can make or break a project deadline. Document management speeds up the process by making it fast and easy to share documents requested by inspectors.

  • No more failed inspections due to missing documentation.
  • Photos, videos, and plans from all phases of a project can be accessed in just seconds.
  • Faster approvals make it easier to move to the next project phase.

To learn more ways document management can help your construction company save time and money, contact us at Zeno Office Solutions today!