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Office Equipment

Why Leasing Your Office Equipment is a Smart Business Move

It’s been a while since the standard office equipment lineup included a desktop computer, a single-function copier, and a 10-key calculator. Sound familiar? If your 21st-century business is still relying on 20th-century office equipment, it’s time for a change.

You Can Do This

If budget concerns are preventing you from acquiring a multifunction system or laser printer, we have good news! Leasing makes office equipment acquisitions much easier for SMBs, and the advantages are substantial.

  1. Budget predictability:SMBs, in particular, are vulnerable to budget volatility. Leasing means you can count on your office equipment budget to remain predictable, and that’s no small matter for a fledgling company.
  2. Fewer maintenance hassles:Purchasing your office equipment means you’re responsible for maintenance and repairs that aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Lease agreements can be negotiated to include technical support and maintenance—a real advantage that keeps downtimes and costs to a minimum.
  3. Faster technology upgrades:Companies who purchase their office equipment tend to keep it longer—an admirable trait, but not when it comes to rapidly-changing technologies. You depend on the latest office equipment to stay relevant in a highly-competitive business environment. Leasing is ideally suited for the technology sector because upgrades are faster and much easier to obtain.
  4. Tax advantages:Lease payments for office equipment are considered a business operating expense. In most cases, office equipment leasing is a straightforward tax write-off that won’t require complicated depreciation calculations to qualify.
  5. Consumables:Supply reordering and management is always more complicated process than it seems, and your staff has other things to do. Take the hassle out of supply reordering and arrange for automatic supply replenishment with your office equipment lease provider.

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