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Most forward-thinking organizations recognize that paper-based processes are on their way out of the business environment. The benefits are clear and include better access to documents, greener office processes, and a clutter-free work environment.

A list of benefits may help you decide to transition from paper to digital processes, but where to begin? Read on to find out how to make the process just a little bit easier.

Easing Into the Process

Fortunately, your company doesn’t need to do an overnight transition to achieve a digital office. Begin with the right tools and training for a smooth start. Here’s what we mean:

1. Acquire a scanning and document management solution

multi-function system that includes a scanning feature is a win-win for your paperless office goals. Here’s how:

  • Make workflows simpler by scanning documents from your multi-function system directly to your document management solution.
  • Scan to folders, cloud repositories, platforms, and individuals.
  • Enable mobile print solutions for secure printing via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Improve collaboration with easy document retrieval.
  • Secure your devices with access controls, user authentication, and pull printing.

2. Track printing

Not surprisingly, it may take a while for you to achieve staff buy-in. Start with training and follow-up with print tracking. Make sure everyone sees the progress you’re making when print volumes begin to go down.

3. Make printing more difficult

If your office is littered with desktop printers, your successful transition to a paperless office may be at risk. A multi-function system with a scanning feature may be all your staff requires for their now-reduced printing needs.

4. Choose the right technology partner

A technology provider that’s in the business of helping you succeed is a great resource. Contact us at Zeno Office Solutions for help achieving your paperless office goals today!