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Educational institutions know all too well how much time and money it takes to manage large volumes of student records. They also know that student records are just part of the picture, and back-office record keeping is an ongoing responsibility.

An electronic document management strategy can allow schools to streamline the way they manage both student and back-office records. By switching from paper-based record keeping systems to electronic document management, schools can save hours each day, reduce operating costs, and improve document security.

Save Time

Managing paper-based records systems consumes hours of employee time, but document management provides a way for schools to take back those hours.

  1. Filing: Paper-based systems require multiple steps just to file a document. The process takes hours, and employees must be sure that each document goes to the correct folder. Document management will streamline filing procedures by extracting and indexing scanned information and automatically filing documents in the correct folder.
  2. Retrieving: Accessing documents stored in paper filing systems can take hours or even days. In many cases, archived files are stored off-site, have been hopelessly misfiled, or are in use at another location. Document management makes retrieval fast and straightforward; users can access files in a few seconds from any location by conducting a keyword search. Audit trails show when a file is checked out and log any changes that have been made. Authorized users can even collaborate on the same document in real time.

Save Money

Traditional filing systems tie up school resources with their dependence on paper documents, file folders, printing systems, filing cabinets and expansive storage areas. Document management eliminates these expensive systems and the hours of labor required to manage them. Schools can then redirect those savings toward core educational goals.

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