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You’ve chosen from a group of the best multifunction systems with scanning features, and you’re ready to get started. Now that you have the equipment, the task before you looms large, and indecision paralyzes you.

Document scanning isn’t a complicated process, but if you’re over your head in incoming documents with a mandate to also begin scanning years of archived files, you might just be thinking about taking a vacation instead.

Take a deep breath and check out our tips for a successful document scanning process.

Write Down Your Goals

Not every business has the same requirements, and your reason for scanning documents may be unique to your industry.

  • The paperless office — Many companies pursue scanning to reach their paperless (or nearly paperless) office goals.
  • Document management strategies — document management system is central to paperless office success, and the scanning process is part of a larger goal to make documents easily accessible with intelligent indexing and keyword searches.
  • Archiving — Depending on your organization, your only purpose in scanning documents may be to archive documents that may otherwise be lost to history. Museums, historical societies, and libraries all use scanning to preserve the information contained in important documents.
  • Workflow automation — Scanning opens up a variety of process automation features to improve office productivity.

Take Stock of Your Papers

It may seem like a waste of time when there’s so much to accomplish, but sorting your documents by paper size and type can help keep the process moving at a reasonable pace. Begin scanning your most recent documents, including those that arrive in your office during the scanning process. Older filed documents can be added to your document management system after you’ve reached some milestones in your scanning project.

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