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As a method for storing and managing documents, an electronic document management system is unsurpassed. Simply put, users scan and save documents as they arrive into their workflows. Archived documents are scanned over time, making all information available through intelligently indexed storage repositories.

The Benefits of Document Management

To understand the benefits of document management, it helps to take an honest look at the problems associated with paper-based systems.

  1. Document storage — Storing paper requires a lot of room, and with growth and time, more room is taken up by filing systems. Before you realize what’s happening, much of your expensive office space is dedicated to filing cabinets and storage boxes. Eventually, the situation becomes severe enough to send archived files out to off-site storage companies. With a document management system, no physical storage space is required.
  2. Document retrieval — Can your employees find a document in seconds? Looking for information in a paper-based filing system can take hours, assuming it can be located at all. Document management solutions give users instant access to data using keyword search functions.
  3. Document security — How secure are the paper files in your office? What about those stored on your desktop computer? And how confident are you that files stored in cardboard boxes at an off-site storage facility you rarely visit are safe from theft? Document management takes document security to entirely new levels with multiple solutions to keep confidential information private.
  4. Document recovery — Your company is powered by information, not just products or services. If a disaster destroyed your files, could you recreate them? Could you continue operations during the process? Document management solutions that backup files in real time provide the added confidence today’s businesses need to continue operations even in the aftermath of catastrophic loss.

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