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Are your multifunction systems secure? Today’s businesses face unprecedented security threats, and smart administrators are taking proactive measures to protect their information and organization. A solution for your multifunction system from Kyocera business applications that’s simple to implement and even easier to use is now available. Here’s how you can use your existing employee ID card system to protect your information, save corporate resources, and streamline reporting processes.

One Swipe, Multiple Benefits

Swiping an ID badge is nothing new for your employees, and with Kyocera business applications, you can get more benefits from your existing employee ID system. Here’s a look at the benefits.

  1. Swipe to authorize usage: In today’s highly-connected digital environment, you can’t afford to allow just anyone to use your network printers and multifunction systems. With Kyocera business applications, users must first swipe a company-issued ID card to gain access to networked imaging equipment. No card means no access.
  2. Restrict access to features: Not everyone in your organization needs access to color printing, and some of your multifunction systems may be designated for confidential documents only. Kyocera business applications and ID card authentication addresses these and other problems by limiting who can access features and specific equipment.
  3. Track usage: Kyocera business applications can utilize ID card systems to track printing for company accounting processes. Improve client and departmental chargebacks, track individual and department printing habits, and use the statistics to reduce costs and establish printing policies.

Plug-N-Play Integration

Kyocera designs their business applications with integration and adaptability in mind. With easy integration into your existing ID badge system and no need for additional hardware, the card authentication system is cost-effective and simple to deploy.

Are you ready to lock down your multifunction systems with Kyocera business applications? Contact us at ZENO Office Solutions to find out how today! We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews.