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If you’re not keeping up in the office, the best solution may seem to be hiring more staff members or asking employees to put in a few extra hours each week. Even though the budget will take a hit, the work has to be finished somehow.

If the problem of too much to do in an eight-hour day is a frequent occurrence at your office, there’s hope in the form of electronic document management. Here’s how switching to document management can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

  1. Improved access to information — Paper-based storage solutions are expensive, and employees can spend the better part of their day just searching for the documents they need to complete critical tasks. Document management systems put information in one centralized location, and a keyword search retrieves information in a few seconds.
  2. Faster and more accurate processing — Manually processing and routing documents is a slow process given to frequent roadblocks and frustrating stall-outs. Scanning information into a document management system streamlines everyday business processes, automatically routing information and alerting staff members when their attention is required.
  3. Increased security and fewer missing documents — Paper documents go missing all the time, and even the best filing system can’t overcome systemic problems. A document management system does away with the issue of missing documents, providing access protections, automatic tracking, and audit trails that show the location of every document and what changes may have occurred.
  4. Improved productivity through mobile access — Tomorrow’s business processes will be highly dependent on mobile access to information. Document management allows companies to get on board with mobility now.
  5. Lower storage costs — Paper storage systems can clog up workspaces and spill over into expensive off-site solutions. Document management requires virtually zero storage space.

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