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Your office equipment is always on standby for your business. Without it, your staff would be hard-pressed to complete critical tasks. Today’s sophisticated office equipment makes many daily business processes much easier, but the technologies add a layer of responsibility that all employees may not fully understand.


There’s a trade-off for the convenience of advanced office equipment technologies like scanning to a document management system or printing from a mobile device. The sooner your employees comprehend the importance of following document security best practices, the better for your company. Here’s a look at how to use your office equipment to improve your staff’s security habits.


Wireless devices like multifunction systems and laser printers are connected to your network. If yours aren’t adequately protected, that’s cause for concern. Hackers know that networked office equipment can lead them straight to a treasure trove of confidential information, including passwords, HR documents, bank account numbers, and passwords to unlock even more data. Contact your managed print provider to find out if your office equipment is set up to ward off cyberattacks.


If you’re using electronic document management (and you definitely should be), there’s rarely a good reason for printing confidential documents. Train your employees and implement preset controls to prevent unauthorized users from printing documents deemed sensitive. Use pull-printing as an extra layer of security, and require employees to follow specific procedures if and when a confidential document must be printed.


Print tracking is an effective method for keeping employees from printing unnecessarily. Tracking, watermarks and digital signatures can cause employees to think twice before printing too often or printing documents containing confidential information.

When used correctly, your office equipment can be an effective way to improve document security. To learn more, get in touch with us at ZENO today! We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews