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Making the selection for office support functions is a big deal, and not something you want to skimp on. How your office operates can really be determined by the equipment you have, and the functionality and workflow of your automations.

Choosing office equipment isn’t hard, it just takes a little research and the right vendor partner. Also, employee input and buy-in can go a long way in getting a machine that will boost productivity and workflows.

Read on for some key considerations in making your selection.

Your Office Needs

Above all else, you’ll want to know how employees actually use your office equipment, and what their needs and wants are.

Let them tell you what your print environment would ideally look like, and then you can prioritize those requests.

In addition to researching office use and employee needs, here are four important considerations in office equipment upgrades:

Know Device Features

Be aware of which features your current machine does and doesn’t have and which features you’d like in an upgrade.

Understand Workflow

Know how the actual process works – traffic flow, device locations, features needed, security protections, etc. You have an opportunity to increase efficiency in workflow here.

Evaluate Budget Realities

While you might want to be able to do everything for your employees, you will have budget constraints. The more realistic you can be about that, the more productive you can be in your selection.

Invest for Future Growth

In addition to planning for where you are now, be sure to see where you are going in the future! Get everything you need in your office equipment to grow and build on your solid business foundation.

Growing Businesses use Zeno

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