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Imagine your business is hit with a surprise disaster – a flooded basement storage area, an earthquake, or fire. Or even just an online hack of internal documents. Do you have backups that will continue operations? Do you have multiple ways to restore what was lost?

No one should be too stressed about things you can’t control, but you can take precautions to ensure multiple options for back up – so you can continue operations and replace lost information.

To do that, have you considered creating digital copies of important documents?

You can use the scanning and functionality of your equipment to provide security. We have some tips on how to do this – read on!

Boost Security

Security has two major components:

  1. Proactive tech measures, like encryption and software upgrades, and even IT teams dedicated to security.
  2. Preventative measures for recouping documents like scanning important files and creating multiple backups called document management.

Using both options is the most secure, providing double protections and methods to retrieve anything that could be compromised. If you’re wondering what makes the most sense to back up, we created a simple list for you.

Documents to Protect

Which files are worth the extra time?

There are top priorities, and then there are your business priorities, which you’ll want to set up with your document management service vendor.

Documents to protect and backup first:

  • Contracts
  • Personnel Files
  • Historical Data
  • Tax Documents
  • How-Tos
  • Early Business Operations

Scanning is What You Need

From scanning to the functionality of copiers, Zeno Office Solutions can help you get the office operations you need so your office is protected, data is backed up, and you can keep working. We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews.