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Selecting a printer is a big decision because you want to get all the right bells and whistles for your business and your employees. Getting the right features and a reasonable price can often take a little research and some work with top office equipment vendors.

Then, you have another choice to make – do you want to purchase the printer or lease it? You might be thinking one way or the other at first, but it’s worth some extra consideration of how your business uses equipment, and what your real situation is.

Office Equipment Options

Office equipment has come a long way in recent years. From copiers and printers in the 1908s that only did one thing to super-efficient multifunction printers, we’ve seen a lot.

How to know what’s best for you? Ask around! Talk with employees, techs, admin, and other managers to see what works, what doesn’t, and what they wish they had.

Then, take that feedback, talk to your vendor partner, and find exactly what your organization needs for office equipment. Then – the next question.

To Buy or to Lease?

Truthfully, there are pros and cons either way. But, you have to make the best decision for your organization and workforce.

Buying – purchasing a machine makes more sense if you don’t upgrade often, have the capital on hand to make a big purchase now, and your business is pretty solid. Also, paying up front, of course, reduces payments over time and can also secure maintenance agreements.

Leasing – borrowing is a good idea if you plan to upgrade soon depending on growth, your business is small or a startup and therefore a little unpredictable, or if you don’t want to mess with maintaining a machine long term.

Also, if you have less cash on hand now but don’t mind paying the lease or signing an agreement, this is a good choice.

Who to Call

Call Zeno Office Solutions for more information and to figure out which option is right for you. We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews.