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Retaining cost control over your office printers, copiers, scanners, and digital applications means that you can build the operations budget you actually need.

Without oversight, office equipment can be a budget problem with waste, excess cost, and reduced efficiency. However, changing the way that you deliver content through digital applications, IT solutions, and managing print and equipment costs can cut waste by 50% and save money while allowing you to manage your budget proactively. Intrigued? Read on.

Create the Office you Want

More than half of printed documents eventually end up in the trash, which means that money spent on hard copy printing can be redirected to other funds once you create systems that work.

A few print solutions include print management, returning incorrect print requests, and password printing, so documents aren’t forgotten on the machine.

In addition, digital applications like Kyocera business applications for server-based solutions can help you get control over your print environment, manage print output and services, and also add essential print security features.

Build a Better Budget

How can you implement print cost control and security in your office? Using the tools from Kyocera’s MyQ technology, you can:

  • Establish a single point of administration for rule-based printing.
  • Create security solutions that work using encryption and password printing.
  • Build an intuitive interface for each user.
  • Integrate scan to email, cloud storage, and other paper-saving applications.

Stick to Security that Works

Your security plan should include broad coverage of your office that is functional, realistic, and reliable. The best way to implement a plan that you know will work using Kyocera business applications is to talk to the team at Zeno Office Solutions. Get in touch today.