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Companies that know scanning is important are aware of the benefits of digital office space and know the potential risks, and are protected against them. Scanning is essential, but maybe there isn’t a set standard and policy yet for your company? Perhaps you’ve been working on converting to a digital office space but haven’t prioritized security as much as you should. Either way, we’ll review all the important pieces below, and you can get both issues established, functioning well, and protected before any more time goes by.


Document scanning is especially crucial if you have:

  • Needs for remote access
  • Secure files
  • Regulatory environments
  • Dispersed workforce
  • Digital office organization

Scanning is an essential step to creating the office workflow and environment that your teams need to stay productive, even when working off-site. Integrating document management systems and advanced security is easier once the baseline scanning process is in place.


Security is an undeniably essential part of today’s work world, and when your teams are off-site, it becomes even more important. Security features of scanners include encryption on multifunction devices, network connectivity security, and hard drive protection.

Your documents will also be secured as they are uploaded and protected in the company’s document management system.

Where to Start

Moving ahead on a digital office doesn’t take much convincing in today’s workplace. You could find your organization operating remotely at any time with a huge need for a fully functioning digital office and a secure scanning system. Get ahead of the unpredictable by talking with Zeno Office Solutions to set your company up for success, no matter what comes your way. Let’s talk today!