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If you’ve decided you need a multifunction printer – as any functional business will need one – then you are well on your way to making a valuable investment.

Now, you have to choose a brand and the features that you prefer. Investing in a Kyocera machine will make your life better when you connect your printer with the Kyocera business applications that help your office workflows operate smoothly.

Smart Printers Rule the Office

Today’s smart printers have features that printers in the ’90s couldn’t dream of. From touch screen interfaces to network connection, customization to mobile print, you’ll be excited about what your printer can do for your office functionality, and employee productivity.

Printer Selection 101

Next up – how to make the call on a printer? Here are the steps to choosing the right printer in order.

  1. Learn about your office printer needs

Take a look around your office, see what you need, and improve workflow, productivity, and cost management. It might be more apparent than you think.

  1. Ask employees for ideal print features

Employees know what they need to get the work done. Involve them in the process by getting feedback on desired print features and improvements.

  1. Do a little research

Both online and in-person, ask around about what printers work the best for those in your industry, and with a business size that you’d like to grow into. Look at where you’d like to be in five years, and ask those businesses about their print investment.

  1. Contact your reliable print vendor

Zeno Office Solutions has a helpful team on hand to walk you through the investment of purchasing the best printer. You can share your research, needs, and questions, and they’ll provide you with printer options. Make sure you get what you need by partnering with the best.

Let Us Help

We’re here for your call to guide you through the print purchase process. Get in touch with Zeno Office Solutions today.