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Scanning is most likely a critical part of your day-to-day operations if you are operating in a digital office space, using electronic communications and project management systems, and often working with clients.

When it’s time to upgrade your scanner or purchase a new machine, it’s an excellent opportunity to look at what you need and what features will help your office optimize scanning and operations.

What to Know

A few things to think about before you start researching a scanner are how your employees use the scanner, your current scanning volume and need, and what you expect from the equipment. Your scanning processes are determined by the machine you have, so make sure it’s a good match.

A good thing to do early on is reaching out to a vendor partner that can talk through some of your thoughts and see if a scanner purchase is right for you. You can then start moving in the right direction to dig in and get the machine that you need.

Questions and Considerations

Questions and considerations when buying a scanner range widely based on your industry and needs, so it’s also good to talk with your vendor about what you’re looking for.

There are some key things to think about, which include:

  • Type of scanner you are looking for – flatbed, sheet-fed, or slide scanner.
  • Image scanning features
  • Type of document feeder (electronic or manual)
  • Resolution and color needs
  • Network and operating system compatibility

Start Scanning

Time to get scanning and go digital today – get in touch with Zeno Office Solutions. Our experts can help choose the right scanner, apply the features to your business, and set up training and systems that will make your workflows work better.