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Scanners are a normal piece of office equipment but they have a more broad functionality than you may know about. Scanners are important for the office for converting files and photos, but can also have an essential role in a digital office conversion or integrating files into your daily workflow.

Also, if you are upgrading or investing in a scanner for the first time, you want to make sure you get what you need. Read on for more info about ensuring your scanning investment is top notch and your scanner is used the right way for your company.

Research and Partner Up

First of all, you’ll want to do a little looking and make sure you work with a reputable office equipment company that has a solid background and knows scanners. At Zeno Office Solutions, we’ve been working in office equipment for a long time and are dialed in on matching the machine to the workflow and the business.

Know What You’re Looking For

To start, take a look (and a walk) around your office to find out how your scanner is used, and ask employees about scanning features that could help them be more productive.

Then, you’ll decide what type of scanner you want – flatbed or sheetfed. Learning more about the resolution you need and the type of documents your team needs the scanner for can help make this decision as well.

You’ll also need to investigate software compatibility, drivers, and device requirements. Don’t worry if this sounds a little complicated – Zeno is here to help.

Finally, you can discuss overall functionality and additional features to improve workflows.

Work with the Top Team

Making sure your scanner is functional to carry you into the digital realm and beyond is critical for operations. Zeno Office Solutions has a team that will help you get exactly what you need for quality, efficient scanning. Reach out today