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Are you a tax preparer or a professional accountant who manages loads of client files and documents? When you think about it, is the management, correspondence, and storage using paper files one of the most stressful things about your job? When you think about security, streamlined systems, and organized storage, you may not initially think about document management, but it needs to be your new go-to.

Why? Because document management is a cloud-based software solution that stores your files in an organized system. You can search files electronically and add the necessary security. Sound like a perfect solution? Time to read on.

Paper Management

Document management is your answer for organized paper management. Because the best way to manage paper is to digitize it – once you scan and save your files in the easy-to-use system, you can always find them by search or simple navigation.

Reducing paper use through document management has two major cost-saving benefits: you will save money on paper, printing, toner, and other supplies, and you can also significantly cut back on hard copy storage space. These combined savings will make document management worthwhile.

Confidentiality and Security

Next up, adding in the security piece. Your digital document management system will be secure through access, passwords, and protected folders. Also, you won’t run the risk of misplacing a hard copy file. Your files and clients will be protected with significant security increases from effective document management.

Let Zeno Help

Document management can help you organize your home or office business, prioritize security, and reduce storage needs – while still meeting full compliance with IRS regulations. Digital document management is any accountant’s answer to working in the paperless world while still complying with accountancy requirements. Let’s talk today.