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When you invest in a copier, you are making a significant office equipment investment. You want to make sure you can leverage the features of the multifunction printer or copier and make your office smarter using new features that you may not even know were available.

Leverage Your Office Equipment

Getting the most from your office equipment means using technology in your favor and taking advantage of updates and features. There are more ways your office equipment can help you than ever before, so read on to find out how your machine can not only save critical space and combine features into one piece of equipment efficiently but help your employees be more productive as well.

Helpful New Features and Advanced Technology

Buying or upgrading your multifunction printer means that you will work with a reliable vendor to review how you currently use your machine, which features are helpful, and what is on your wish list. Then, your vendor can help you learn about essential new benefits of a multifunction printer that can make your office operations even more efficient.

These features can make a big difference in making your products professional, on-brand, and effective in client communications.

Here are some examples of new features you may not have considered as part of the important investment:

  • Finishing features – stapling, sorting, hole-punching, and folding.
  • Faxing and fax alerts with voice message support.
  • Quality scanning.
  • Secure input and output features.

Why You Should Select a Multifunction Printer Today

Smart businesses know that getting the most out of an office investment is key to growing and making good budget decisions – learning more about multifunction printers and leveraging all the new features is a good way to utilize technology to serve your customers and your business. Learn more about how to build efficiency with your office equipment when you talk to Zeno Office Solutions.