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Are you ready to head back into the office but wondering if your equipment is keeping up with your workflows? Office operations are more technical, more mobile, and need to be much more secure than ever before. Getting ahead of operations issues, workflow breakdowns, and security scares seems like a big job, but it’s easier with the right equipment and vendor partner than ever before.

Office Equipment is an Essential Office Function

Your office equipment is not something to ignore. From printers to multipurpose copiers, scanners to personal machines, office equipment is not only a critical part of the workflow that makes your business run. It’s also a key aspect of technical security and client protection.


Investing in the right office equipment and maintaining it appropriately is important for your employees, clients, and business. Here are a few ways you know that it’s time to re-invest in your machines.

Signs it’s Time to Upgrade or Replace

You’ll know for sure you need to upgrade, replace, or at least start the process of finding new equipment if you have any of these issues in your office:


  1. A never-ending, hopeless line at any office machine. This is completely ruining productivity and efficiency and your reputation as a supporter of streamlined workflows. Make the fix — fast!
  2. Equipment that regularly breaks down has security issues or just doesn’t work right. The best equipment will work right for you every time (of course, there will be an issue occasionally, but that’s rare).
  3. Employees are avoiding using the equipment. When the equipment isn’t meeting their needs your employees may not be printing or completing a project simply so they don’t have to use it.

Start Here

Get in touch with the professionals at Zeno Office Solutions today! You’ll find helpful answers, easy fixes, and informative solutions for making the shift to new office equipment and maintaining it to get the most out of your investment.