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Setting up your print environment successfully to support security, risk management, and business data protection is key. Don’t let your print security become less of a priority – make sure that when you outline your strategy for security, protected print is a key element.

There is inherent risk in print that is often overlooked by those setting up a security strategy, which can be a major mistake for your company. Protecting all portals for risk in your business is essential, and this includes print.

So – where do you start with a secure print strategy? Check out our tips below.

Consider Print Management Options

First of all, consider getting some professional oversight for your print environment. This comes in the form of managed print services, which is a service that helps manage your print fleet, print supplies, maintenance calls, print data, and more. The service allows you to stay focused on your business, not just making sure your printer works. Worth it, for sure.

Managed print will also pull your print data and measure metrics to understand supply needs and maintenance requirements so that when you are developing your strategy, you can pull the data you need to make the right decisions.

Evaluate Print and Business Priorities

Then, to set up your priorities for your office, your print fleet, and your managed print services. Having priorities in place is key before you finalize your strategy, so that you know how your efforts will support where you want your business to go and how you want to grow.

Talk to the Pros

Managed print services are easy to implement when you work with the professional team at Zeno Office Solutions. Reach out today to get started with your secure print strategy.