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Take a look at your office storage spaces for a minute – are they organized, easy to use, and…searchable? Maybe they are organized, but most likely, it would take too long to find what you need in order to actually use it. Referring to hard copy files that are most often stored far away – or buried – is hard for employees to do, even if they need the info.

However, switching to document management, where employees can access digital copies of files using accessible software, is much more user friendly.

Organization is Key

The first main difference when offices switch to document management is that files are organized and easy to find, use, and search. When it takes seconds to find historical data instead of hours, it’s a lot more likely that employees will integrate it where it needs to be referred to.

Workflows Change – Stay Ahead of It!

So, how do you know it’s time to change your workflows to integrate document management systems? Here are four ways that it will be clear:

  1. Your collaboration tactics are scattered because you don’t have all the information you need.
  2. Documents and files get lost sometimes and can’t be accessed again.
  3. Your clients need to refer to a past file and you aren’t able to send it to them electronically, or it takes too long.
  4. Processes get slowed down because of the hard copy to electronic mess in your office.

Work with a Reliable Team

Shifting workflows to meet a changing work environment is key to staying ahead of your competition. Your customers will appreciate the convenience as well. Make the move – talk to Zeno Office Solutions.