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Educational institutions need to manage budgets wisely, and having effective, efficient office equipment  is a major player in good money management.

Why? Because outsourcing print needs and special-size printing can be incredibly cost-prohibitive or can add up quickly after it’s already done. Investing in wide format printing and other print solutions in your school can make your budget more reliable and ensure that you and your students get the print projects completed.

Key Needs for Wide Format

Wide format printing is used often in school settings. From signs and communications to directions to information, having big, bold communication can make institutional operations flow smoothly.


Also, special events always need large format printing, in addition to learning and presenting projects and setting up displays.

Even if you haven’t noticed it, your school definitely uses wide format printing. So, what’s the cost-saving solution for smart print investment? Working with an experienced vendor to find the Kyocera large format printer that meets the needs of your school and students.

Educational Institutions Need Storytelling

Once you make the shift to in-house wide format printing, you can have a clearly outlined budget, make better money decisions, and still tell the stories in your school and of your students’ work that need to be shared with the world. Wide format printing is an educational institution staple and a learning product that you can’t do without – but you can be efficient in the way you use it, by investing in your own office equipment.

Reach Out

Invest in solutions for your school that can improve communication and education for everyone. Zeno Office Solutions can ensure that you select the right machine for your needs. Talk to the team  today.