The Document Struggle is Real.


Technology is a wonderful thing.  In the past twenty years, we have gone from storing most of our business documents in rooms full of filing cabinets to storing them digitally on as little as a single file server.  While how we store documents have changed, many of the ways we process documents have not.  It still takes time and resources to scan, file, perform data entry and process documents manually. If only there was an easier way?  This is where Document Management comes in.


As an authorized reseller for Square-9 Softworks, ZENO Office Solutions can help tailor a Document Management Solution that is right for your business.  It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small we have a solution that works.  

  • Square-9’s GlobalSearch© ECM solution allows you to securely index, store, and retrieve your business documents from anywhere.  Whether you are on a PC or mobile device, the powerful GlobalSearch© desktop and web clients will allow you to keep moving, no matter where you are.
  • Have documents that need approvals or go through multiple hands on its way to being processed?  Then streamline the process using GlobalAction© to build automated document workflows that will make the whole document process seamless.
  • Tired of performing data entry for the same documents over and over and over?  Square-9’s GlobalCapture© will extract your critical data from your everyday documents automatically for you.
  • Does your company use Quickbooks as your accounting application?  How about Salesforce© for your CRM solution?  Did you know that Square-9’s GlobalSearch© can easily integrate with many of the leading business applications to share crucial business data?  Integration can save you time and money by reducing the need to enter data in multiple applications.


  • Evaluate your needs.
  • Eliminate the hassle of searching for documents in filing cabinets.
  • Show how you can control levels of document security.
  • Automate your electronic customer forms.
  • Find ways to increase teamwork and collaboration.


  • Increased profitably through increased efficiency.
  • Improved information storage and access.
  • Higher document security.
  • Increased teamwork and collaboration between department.
  • Easier scanning, sharing, and distribution of documents.
  • Easier search through indexed documents.


  • Human resources database management.
  • Business history records.
  • Financial assessment data.
  • Customer records.
  • Product inventory records.

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