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Mobile devices are quickly overtaking PCs as the computer of choice for individuals and businesses. In fact, research shows that today there are more “non-PCs” (the blanket term for mobile devices include smartphones and tablets) in the market than PCs.

These mobile devices are boosting productivity and supporting an increasingly splintered workforce, allowing employees to work from wherever they are. Since these devices are beginning to dominate the work productivity landscape, it’s important to consider them in your print environment. Does your business support mobile printing? To stay productive, it may soon become a necessity. Here’s what to consider when choosing a mobile printing solution.

  • How big is your business? For smaller businesses, you may not need a standardized approach to mobile printing. For a larger business, however, a standardized approach and a detailed mobile policy may be to stay consistent and secure.
  • What kind of security do you want? Security is on every business owner’s mind, especially when it comes to IT infrastructure. Mobile devices can be a security threat if not handled properly within your organization, so it’s important to consider security when choosing your mobile print solution. Choose secure-release solutions for organizations with a high level of security needs.
  • Are you standardizing? If you standardize your mobile platform across your business—such as choosing only Apple or Android devices—it can be easier to control and standardize your mobile solutions.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the norm in the workplace, and supporting and controlling them is a necessity of modern business. We can help you choose the right printers and mobile printing solution for your company. Give us a call today to learn more.