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Businesses in the manufacturing sector are aware of how many documents are involved in the ordering process. From inception to shipment, you can get bogged down with invoices, packing slips, labels, shipping lists, notices, and more. It is no small task managing the mountain of data and documentation involved in the client lifecycle. With the amount of data on the rise, savvy manufacturing companies are streamlining processes with document management.

Data-Driven Growth

As with nearly every industry, the amount of data needed to a run business continues to grow. And, as manufacturing continually globalizes, it is imperative to find ways to manage this vast amount of data and streamline data-driven processes. Document management and process automation can help you manage the myriad of tasks required to compete in global manufacturing.

Real-World Benefits

Here are just some of the many ways that you can use document management to automate customer documentation and shipping methods, improving service and reducing extraneous costs.

  • Automate the paperwork necessary to ship a product, vastly reducing staff time and task redundancy.
  • Reduce the margin of error associated with missing or incomplete paperwork. You can also decrease time delays related to invoicing and delivery.
  • Immediately access all documentation for a particular client. Having all of that data at the tip of your fingers significantly improves customer service and helps you meet specific compliance requirements.
  • Easily address and comply with country-specific documentation requirements when shipping particular items and materials.
  • Reduce your reliance on paper documentation. Not only does this improve the order fulfillment process, but it also enhances your sustainability and reduces waste.
  • Increase your ability to anticipate needs and address concerns before they occur; instant access to all customer data means that you can better serve your clients by knowing what they need and when they need it.
  • Reduce your global footprint, while still operating on a worldwide level—manage processes across multiple continents, time zones, and country requirements.

Even if you are not in the manufacturing industry, document management can improve any businesses’ ability to manage data in a global economy. Don’t waste 2017 playing catch-up. Streamline your procedures and manage your data so that you can thrive in the new year.

If you are ready to maximize productivity, contact us today to learn more about DM solutions from Zeno.