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When it comes to medical facilities and doctors’ offices, [multifunction printers and copiers can make a huge difference when it comes to patient care. Scanning and digitizing data are changing the way we practice medicine, and Zeno can provide the devices to help your medical office get the job done.

Digitizing Records

To provide the best possible care, patient records must be kept secure, but also be easily accessible. This is where scanning comes in. MFPs and copiers with scanning functions make it simple for you to scan and save patient records in a digital format. Once records are digitized, they can be accessed from different secure devices in various medical offices. If a patient needs to see a specialist in a different office, they don’t have to worry about their sensitive records getting shipped or sent there. Doctors at the other facility can safely and securely access the information they need without worry to the patient.

Reducing Record Mess

When you use your office MFP to scan documents, you are reducing the amount of paper you use and waste. And, you no longer need large file rooms to store thousands of patient records. Now, all patient information can be stored in a safe, central database. Not only is reducing paper files a sustainable choice, but it is also a more secure option for patient privacy. With hardcopy files in your medical office anyone can access vital information, but with digital records in place, access controls limit who can view certain records.

Multifunction Get the Job Done

Transitioning to electronic patient health records is a great way to improve productivity, improve compliance, and speed response times by improving access to information. And, taking advantage of the scanning features on your multifunction printer or copier is a smart, effective way to get the job done. MFPs do so much more than just print and copy, scanning and converting medical records is just one example of the many functions this equipment can manage for businesses of all industries.

For more information about how to use the scanning capabilities in your MFP, contact us.