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When it comes to productivity, particular devices will save the day every time. If you already have a multifunction copier or printer, then you know that the ability to print, copy, fax, and scan from one device is a massive time and money saver. If you don’t already have an MFP or a printer that scans, you might want to make an investment in one. Being able to scan from your printer opens the door to many possibilities.

Digitize On-Demand

When it comes to storing files, everyone knows how cumbersome file cabinets are. Well, what if you could scan your hard copy documents and store them digitally so that they are organized and easy to locate? You can! And, electronic document management is the perfect partner for a multifunction copier to help you with scanning and securing all of you important files.

Accounting Integration

Want to give you accounts payable and receivable departments a hand? A copier or printer with scanning capabilities is just the solution. Once you scan and digitize invoices, they can be integrated with your automated accounts payable/receivable processes. Using software, you can customize the procedures with rules and guidelines. Scanning saves time, and the reduces hassles associated with paper invoices.

Find Files Fast

Remember that time you spent a half an hour scouring your desk looking for a file? We’ve all been there and know it is a frustrating waste of time. When you use the scanning feature on your printer or copier, you can save a digital copy of a file right on your computer or in a central location. Even if you don’t have automated software, you can store documents in easy-to-use virtual folders that you create. Plus, scanning paper files makes it easier to email and share them with coworkers and clients.

Business moves fast and wasting time is not an option. So, maximize your productivity by taking advantage of the scanning function on your office printer or copier. Not sure if you have that option or don’t know how to use that feature? No worries, we are happy to help. Contact us today with any scanning questions!