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Although document scanning has been around for decades, it is still not mainstream for many businesses. While scanning was once seen as a necessity for creative or artistry-based industries, it has a role to play in every type of company. And, chances are you already have a multifunction printer that can easily scan documents for you. If you’re not taking advantage of its scanning capability, then you’re missing out on some business-crucial benefits.

Maximizing Benefits With Scanning

If you are not scanning documents to an electronic document management system, you are drastically slowing down productivity. With document management, you can scan and save all of your important documents in one place so that they are secure and accessible when needed.

For example, let’s say that your business has a particular form that it uses consistently. There is a good chance that you have a huge amount of these printed documents sitting around your office. Not only is this a waste of space, but it is also a drain on resources. When that form changes—and, inevitably, it will—all of those outdated documents will be discarded. However, if you are using electronic records, you can edit and print that popular form as needed, reducing expenses and waste.

Optimum Organization

Paper files may never go away completely, but we can certainly decrease our reliance on them. Implementing digital document storage can drastically reduce the number of documents stored in your office. Scanning software makes quick work of converting your files and indexing them for quick, simple retrieval in the future. Once your documents are organized, that efficiency will flow to other areas of your business, leading to overall improvements.

Getting Greener

Beyond all of the benefits already listed, scanning and digitizing documents help to reduce your impact on the planet. Of course, you will still have the need to print certain documents, but the ability to share digital documents can significantly reduce your reliance on paper and the accompanying paper waste. Minimizing your need for paper also helps save you money on supplies and storage costs.

Whether you already have a multifunction device or you are in the market for one, your business should be looking to implement scanning practices as a way to elevate your workflows and improve your overall structure. Still not sure? Read more about scanning with an MFP or you can contact us directly.