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The amount of time spent searching for lost or misplaced documents is absurd. Get rid of file cabinets and overstuffed file rooms by switching to a highly organized electronic document management solution. Not only does DM keep your data safe and secure, but it also makes it easier to access documents whenever they are needed. This modern on-demand filing system makes old-school filing systems look like office dinosaurs.

The Cost of Chaos

The search for lost files seems like an abstract problem until you attach a value to it. And that price is very real. According to a popular cloud service site, more than a third of employees spend at least 10 hours a week searching for business data, while the average executive wastes nearly six weeks out of the year looking for important documents. When you apply a monetary amount to those hours you can see how that quickly adds up to wasted time and money. And, chances are you don’t have time or money to waste.

Solving the Problem

With document management, you can virtually eliminate document retrieval chaos. Using straightforward search parameters—keywords, tags, metadata—your employees can locate the files they need without searching for hours. This expedited search eliminates wasted time and reduces the stress associated with not being able to find an important document.

When your documents are digitized, they can be accessed, modified, managed, shared, and archived with ease. Plus, with files stored in a protected location, they are safe from unauthorized access and cyber attacks. Roles-based permissions and access controls enhance secure and support compliance regulations.

In summation, electronic document management helps you save time, optimize security, and facilitate collaboration amongst employees. If you are like most businesses, you want to enhance productivity without sacrificing the integrity of the work you produce. DM is one of the most effective ways to improve business operations, reducing wasted time and improving document security.

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