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Have you ever thought about scanning and electronically storing your documents? Perhaps you have looked into electronic document management for your office. Even if you are not ready to implement an entirely new system, there are small changes you can practice, with the tools you already have, to help improve productivity in your office.


Unless their day-to-day business operations demand it, most offices do not have stand-alone scanners. No matter. As long as you have a multifunction printer or copier, you possess all of the scanning technology you need to save time. Just by updating one process, such as digitizing invoices, you will advance your office efficacy and set a precedent for improving other workflows.


How Scanning Invoices Saves Time and Money


1. Automated Input

With optical character recognition, known as OCR, important details are automatically recognized and extracted. So, the next time you scan an invoice, you won’t even have to enter particulars such as company name, date, amount due, etc. because it will be completed automatically.


2. Integration

Once scanned and digitized, invoice information is available for use in any automated accounts payable processes. Use software to establish rules so that invoices can be automatically linked to purchase orders and routed for payment.


3. Fast Filing

No need to worry about losing invoices or spending hours filing paper copies. You will save an inordinate amount of time by scanning invoices and filing digital copies. Plus, you won’t have to worry about misplacing paper invoices since a digital copy will always be available.


4. Super Searches

Need to locate a particular document? No need to search through endless paper files. Just enter the search criteria—vendor name, invoice number, etc.—and the invoice you seek will be retrieved quickly and easily.


So, as long as you have a multifunction device with scanning capabilities, you can start modernizing your business practices today. If you need help getting started, contact us for assistance.