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While many businesses dream of going paperless, a more realistic solution might be to strike an appropriate balance between paper and digital files. Both play a role in most companies, and each has strengths and weaknesses. And, although the thought of transforming your hardcopy files to digital can seem overwhelming, with scanning capabilities on multifunction devices it is easier than ever.

Reasons to Embrace Scanning and Digital File Management

Simplify Your Storage

When you scan your documents and save them as digital files you are simplifying all of your storage concerns. Digital files are stored in a secure central location that can be accessed from any secure connection.

Having a central data repository means you no longer have to waste time looking for a document as it can be retrieved within seconds via search functions. Tags, metadata, indexing and more make it easy to track down exactly what you a looking for without scouring the file room.

Backup and Preparedness

Worried about the safety of your data? Paper documents are much more vulnerable than digital data—they can swiftly be destroyed by fire, flood, theft or other disasters. Scanning and saving files digitally enable you to protect your data with backup and disaster recovery measures.

Reclaim Space

Paper files take up a lot of room—some organization even have entire rooms filled with documents. As the price of real estate continues to go up, more and more businesses are looking for smaller offices where they can focus on business without worrying about rent. Free up some floor space by scanning docs on your multifunction printer and storing them on a server or in the cloud.

Once you move past the initial investment of a multifunction device, you will realize far-reaching savings. Less money spent on print supplies and file storage means you will save money, improve business functions, and minimize your impact on the planet.

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