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Tough financial times reveal certain business truths. Being as productive as possible and being fiscally buoyant are critical to your business surviving the next downturn. While there are many ways to ensure your company is resilient, cutting unnecessary costs and reducing extraneous spending are essential first steps to securing your future. When it comes to daily operations, exploring the efficacy of your office equipment and print fleet can pave the way for savings and improved efficiency.

Overall Print Assessment

You might be thinking that there are other more pressing issues to focus on than office equipment, and while we can’t disagree with you completely, we also know that starting small can yield significant results.

The best first step is to undergo a comprehensive assessment of your print program, including your fleet, supplies, service agreements, usage, expenses, etc. Getting a baseline read on where you are can help build the foundation for getting to where you want to be. An assessment will reveal areas of needed improvement—such as outdated devices—that can reduce waste and improve savings.

Buying in Bulk

Once you have the more efficient office equipment, you want to save as much money as possible on ink and supplies. Buying compatible ink cartridges in bulk is a great way to save money. The premise is simple, when you buy in bulk, regardless of what or how many, the unit prices decreases, reducing your overall expenditure. Plus, you save on shipping costs.

Another reason bulk is boss? You always have the supplies you need on hand when you need them. Nothing causes frustration and stalls projects more than running out of printer ink in the middle of a project. When you purchase your ink cartridges in bulk quantities, you always have backups ready. Plus, you save time by not having to acquire print supplies every month or two—stocking up saves time as well as money.

With modern devices and appropriate supplies on-hand, you are on the path to improved savings and enhanced productivity. Contact us for a free print assessment or help with new office equipment.