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Have you tried scanning on your multifunction printer and run into difficulties? Perhaps you’re not sure how to get documents where you want them to go, or you’re confused by the steps involved in the process. And what about editing scanned documents? Is there a simpler way to do that?

Before you give up on scanning and the benefits of digital document management, take a closer look at Kyocera’s PinPoint Scan solutions.

A Closer Look at Kyocera Business Applications

When Kyocera developed PinPoint Scan, they addressed the common issues associated with scanning. Kyocera’s wide-range of business applications like PinPoint Scan make digital workflows intuitive and fast. Here’s a list of the advantages.

  1. User-Friendly Setup

Scanning shouldn’t be a complicated process that presents more bottlenecks than you’ve already experienced. PinPoint Scan solves the problem with a user-friendly, intuitive menu that makes installation and operation so simple that even new users can navigate the process without difficulty.

  1. Easy Destination Selection

Your staff needs to get documents to their location without roadblocks. Kyocera displays destination folders on the control panel, making them available as soon as the user logs onto the multifunction printer.

  1. Fast Editing

Kyocera business applications support PDF files that require additional editing after scanning. Users can begin editing immediately after scanning.

  1. Improved Security

Kyocera business applications are designed to keep your data protected during the scanning process. With SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption, Kyocera keeps your information secure as it passes between your server and your multifunction system.

Ready for Faster Workflows?

It’s easy to see how Kyocera’s cutting-edge business applications like PinPoint Scan can improve your MFP scanning process and ultimately, your workflows. If you’re ready to learn more ways Kyocera can help your business succeed, get in touch with us at ZENO Office Solutions today!