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If you’re desperately searching out innovative ways to cut costs, you may want to take a hard look at your dependence on paper documents. Even though paper by itself is not very expensive, managing it is another story.

The High Cost of Paper

Expenses begin to mount the moment paper enters your office, and each dollar spent on paper requires another six for handling. Recent studies reveal some startling figures:

  • Filingcan cost your organization about $20 per document, and that’s just for labor.
  • Searchingis even more expensive; you’ll pay about $120 per document in labor costs for this menial task.
  • Recreatinga lost document (a regular occurrence in paper-based processes) costs upwards of $220 per document.
  • Storingpaper files in the average filing cabinet means you’ll pay anywhere from $236 to $314 per unit, per year.

Even with the high premium paid to manage paper, we evidently place little value on its importance. The average filing cabinet is comprised of 45% duplicated information and 80% useless files that no one looks for a second time.

The Scanning Solution

By this time you’re probably ready to give paper the boot for good. Even though it’s impossible to completely replace paper (and you wouldn’t want to), there are plenty of reasons to rethink the way we handle information.

The paperless office begins with scanning and converting paper documents into digital formats ready for electronic document management solutions If you own a multifunction system, you’re already good to go. The key benefits are easy to see:

  1. Fast document retrieval.Scanning eliminates the high cost of labor associated with searching for information; digital documents take just seconds to retrieve.
  2. More space in the office.Scanning replaces your requirement for bulky storage solutions; digital files take up virtually no space.
  3. Improved collaboration.Scanning gives your staff anytime/anywhere access to your information.

To discover even more ways scanning via your multifunction system can save your organization time and money, contact us at ZENO Office Solutions today!