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In business, as in life, the right partnerships can make all the difference. When your company seeks out technology partners like Kyocera, you’ll enjoy the productivity, savings, and advanced security features that come with state-of-the-art business applications and equipment in Odessa.

Read on to discover how Kyocera Net Manager, one of Kyocera’s newest business applications, can help your organization improve efficiency, enhance print security, and save valuable resources.

Why Try Kyocera Net Manager?

Print environments are notorious for driving up operating costs, largely due to hidden costs. The average organization can see print spends as high as 3% of annual incomes, with law firms and other document-intensive industries absorbing costs as high as 15% or even more.

Kyocera Net Manager delivers increased visibility and control over print infrastructures. Here’s how Kyocera Net Manager can make a difference in your organization’s print-related processes:

  1. Track print volumes—Web-accessible and centralized, Kyocera Net Manager gives administrative personnel increased visibility into print usage, both by end-user and device. Trackcolor printing and multifunction system usage to gain control over unnecessary printing.
  2. Fleet monitoring—Monitor and assess your print fleet from one location and user-friendly interface.
  3. Report creation—Assemble print-related data into comprehensive reports.
  4. Track print jobs—Improve the way you track print jobs to recoup expenses through departmental and client chargebacks.
  5. Secure your print environment—Print security is a hot-button topic, and Kyocera Net Manager has the solution. From multi-level authentication to Print & Follow features for secure print release, your print infrastructure won’t put your entire network at risk.
  6. Single-screen visibility—Access all Kyocera Net Manager functions and reports via one customizable interface.

Ready to learn more about Kyocera Net Manager and other state-of-the-art business applications? Get in touch with the professional