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Printing may be a necessary part of everyday business processes, but without comprehensive management, the costs can eat up revenues very quickly. For a small business with an annual revenue of $500,000, printing can consume anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. Not sure you want to spend that much? Read on to find out how to slash those costs by as much as 30% a year.

Follow Three Simple Steps

You didn’t grow your business by 5% this year just to see it go to document printing. Here’s how to reduce the number in three steps.

  1. Find out where you stand

Most business leaders have no way to identify their printing costs, and with hidden expenses due to ad hoc purchasing and lack of monitoring, that’s not surprising.

The office equipment industry has developed solutions to track printing directly on the device. Solutions like pull or follow-me printing hold print jobs until users enter an ID number or passcode. Print volumes can be determined from there.

  1. Establish a print policy

After you’ve gotten a feel for your print volumes, you can let your staff know what you expect going forward. A policy that restricts print volumes, personal printing, and unnecessary use of color can bring costs down rapidly.

  1. Look into Managed Print Services

Managing your printing costs may be next to impossible without assistance, and many SMBs are already thinly staffed. Managed Print Services is a proven solution for reining in print costs by as much as 30%. Here’s how it works:

  • An assessment of your print-related office equipment, practices, and volumes shows where you currently stand.
  • A plan to reduce printing waste and increase productivity is the next step.
  • Industry-trained technicians maintain and service your equipment.
  • Your office staff is relieved from printer-issues, including supply replenishment.

Solutions to begin reducing your print spend are a phone call away. For state-of-the-art services and office equipment, get in touch with us at Zeno Office Solutions today!