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When discussing document management solutions, a question that’s often overlooked asks who will benefit, and how? For most businesses, the answer includes both employees and customers, and the advantages are compelling.

How Document Management Benefits Your Employees

Your employees are accustomed to your current system, whether it’s paper-based or digital, and you may experience some pushback when announcing your new electronic document management system. Fortunately, time and experience will bear out the benefits to your staff. With document management, your team can:

  • Finish key projects on time and without the burden of extensive paperwork.
  • Scan, file, and route documents automatically and with just a few clicks.
  • Work from any mobile device and from any location with an internet connection.
  • Find your files in a few seconds with a keyword search.
  • Use document capture technology to extract pertinent information automatically from scanned data.
  • Stop repeating your efforts because of missing documents.
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data entry procedures.

How Document Management Benefits Your Customers

Paper is a source of frustration for your customers in the same way that it is for your employees. They have to find space to store paper documents and develop an organized system that hopefully guarantees they can find filed documents when they need them.

Tech-savvy customers know that paperless billing saves both time and money. By implementing electronic billing, your customers can pay without ever writing a check, sealing an envelope, or paying for postage. And since their invoices are electronic, there’s no need for a wasteful paper-based home storage system. Another benefit to customers happens when they call your office, and your employees answer their inquiries in a few seconds instead of a few hours or even days. Need we say more?

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