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High-quality professional office equipment is always a good investment. By keeping your devices in good condition, they’ll serve your staff longer, and your office will experience fewer repair costs and equipment downtime.

We’ve rounded up a few tips for keeping your office equipment operating and in good condition throughout its useful lifetime.

1. Keep up with routine maintenance

Regular checkups go a long way toward protecting your office equipment investment, and along with routine maintenance, they serve more than one purpose. First, worn parts can be replaced before they have a chance to damage your devices. Second, maintenance visits alert technicians to potential problems and allow them to update software and print drivers.

2. Track your print volumes

If your business has experienced growth, the copier you purchased a few years ago may not be sufficient for your current print volumes. Monthly duty cycles signify your copier’s maximum recommended monthly document output. Meeting or exceeding that number every month puts excessive wear on your device. Most devices can be expected to last about five years, but exceeding the recommended output can shorten that expectation considerably.

3. Use OEM parts and supplies

Aftermarket toner cartridges and replacement parts can void your office equipment warranty and even cause damage. To make sure you use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and supplies, make all of your purchases from your equipment dealer.

4. Try managed print services

managed print services engagement gives your company access to expert technicians. They’ll monitor your equipment and often address issues before your staff is aware they exist. A managed print solution also delivers reduced printing costs, automatic supply deliveries, improved productivity, and a simple cost-per-page system that puts everything print-related under one umbrella.

For help maintaining your office equipment investment, contact us at Zeno Office Solutions today!