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It’s important to keep your company letterhead and forms up to date. In many cases, these documents are the first contact you make with a new client. You want them to reflect your brand and company culture, but if you’ve got a backlog of expensive letterhead on hand, you may feel the need to use it before placing another order with the printer.

In the Midland/Odessa area, we understand the importance of company letterhead and forms. Kyocera has developed PRESCRIBE, a business application’s native Printer Description Language, or PDL.

Here’s how PRESCRIBE can help your organization take back control of your customized documents.

PRESCRIBE’S Key Benefits

  1. Work on your schedule, not theirs. On-demand printing of letterhead and forms means you’ll never miss another opportunity to communicate with your clients.
  2. Convenient storage repositories on the printer provide instant access to your saved documents.
  3. Make changes in an instant to keep important information and branding up to date.
  4. Variable data printing allows changes in graphics and text on specific documents, all without stopping the printing process.
  5. Reduce your storage costs and free up office space by eliminating letterhead and form inventories.
  6. Stop wasting money when stored letterhead and forms show signs of age (discoloration, buckling, etc.) and have to be destroyed.
  7. Reduce outsourced printing costs with PRESCRIBE’s affordable solution for businesses of all types and sizes.
  8. Compatibility with your existing Kyocera devices means you won’t need new hardware to start using PRESCRIBE.
  9. Take back artistic control by giving your team the flexibility they need to make changes and control results.
  10. PRESCRIBE is customizable and works well with most legacy programs.

Let Kyocera business applications help your company prepare for the future. Get in touch with us at ZENO Office Solutions to learn more today!