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Have you heard that you can use your Kyocera multifunction system as a time-saving teaching tool? Kyocera business applications have taken the functionality of traditional smart phone and tablet apps and developed a comprehensive testing app for teachers. Here’s a look at how Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant app works and a list of the core advantages it delivers to educational institutions.

Kyocera Teaching Assistant

Kyocera doesn’t limit their business applications to the world of commerce; teachers can use Kyocera Teaching Assistant to streamline the testing and grading process.

Print Directly from Your Kyocera Multifunction System

School budgets often don’t have the resources for extensive hardware and software upgrades, and Kyocera business applications don’t require either one. Teaching Assistant can be embedded directly on the school’s Kyocera multifunction system, and with no heavy lifting involved, there’s no need for IT intervention. And Teaching Assistant won’t compete for your limited network resources either.

Print, Test, Then Scan the Results

As a time and money-saving tool, Teaching Assistant is second to none. Consider these advantages:

  • Print your tests on regular copy paper. Plain paper tests are less expensive to use than pre-printed materials, and they don’t require specialized media.
  • Print what you need, when you need it. On-demand printing means you’ll only pay for the tests your class requires.
  • Eliminate manual grading. Eliminate the extra time required for manual grading. Simply scan test results for fast, error-free results in minutes.
  • Export your results. Sharing and storing test results couldn’t be easier. Kyocera Teaching Assistant compiles test results for you, which can then be exported to USB drives, email addresses, or saved in document management systems.

Kyocera Teaching Assistant is a worthwhile resource for the classroom and can also prove valuable for business training purposes. To learn more about Kyocera business applications for your organization, contact us at ZENO Office Solutions today!