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Your office equipment is central to your company’s success, but underestimating its potential can be your undoing. Your printers and multifunction systems can give hackers an entry point into your network, putting everything you’ve worked for at risk. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to begin addressing your print-related security issues, starting today. Here’s where to begin.

Steps to Address Security Issues

1. Limit Access For Mobile Devices

You wouldn’t let someone come in off the street to use your multifunction printer, but that’s exactly what can happen when your devices aren’t protected with user authentications. An unprotected networked printer identifies itself on nearby mobile devices, making it an easy target for hackers. Contact your equipment provider or internal IT personnel to activate the security protocols on your MFP as soon as possible. Passwords, smart ID cards, and other authentications prevent unauthorized users from accessing your devices and the documents stored on their hard drives.

2. Encrypt Your Hard Drive

Much like your office computers, your networked office equipment contains a hard drive. Any document that passes through the scanner or is sent to the device for printing is automatically saved on the hard drive. Features like automatic data overwrite and hard drive encryption can protect your documents from unauthorized users. And don’t let your guard down when the lease ends, and you’re upgrading to new office equipment; have the hard drive removed or scrubbed to protect your information after the device is no longer in your possession.

3. Try Managed Print Services

You’ve got a business to run, and your unmanaged print environment may have multiple security vulnerabilities. A managed print assessment can evaluate your situation and provide solutions to reduce costs, improve productivity, and protect your data.

If protecting your proprietary information is a top priority for your organization, contact us at Zeno Office Solutions to learn more today!