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In Midland/Odessa, you may not think of your copiers and printers as a source for software solutions, but you should. Kyocera business applications enable your devices to go far beyond basic printing, copying, scanning and faxing.

Optimize Your Workflows

Kyocera’s robust business applications can optimize your document-intensive workflows, improve print security, and reduce printing costs across your organization. Here’s a quick overview:

Enhance Print Security

Print security is a growing concern, but with Kyocera business applications, you can address the issue head-on. For example, documents left in print trays may seem harmless enough, but when those documents contain confidential information, it’s a different story.

Kyocera solves the problem of unclaimed documents with solutions that require users to be present at the printer and authenticate before printing. With no sensitive documents abandoned in print trays, your chances of a security violation are greatly reduced.

Reduce Printing Costs

Suggestions and policies to reduce unnecessary printing don’t go far enough, and most are forgotten soon after they’re released. Kyocera business applications that track usage, impose limits, and restrict access to color printing can reduce costs across your organization. And with print tracking, you can also improve your departmental and client chargeback processes.

Improve Your Workflows

Kyocera business applications can help you get your documents to the right departments and individuals. Imagine if your copier could automatically route a scanned invoice to the accounting department, the department manager, and your company CFO. Here’s how you could benefit:

  • Faster approval processes
  • Fewer errors caused by manual data entry
  • No missed steps in the approval process
  • Faster accounts payable and receivable procedures

If you’re already starting to think of your copiers as workflow partners, you’re on the right track. Get in touch with us at Zeno Office Solutions to find out more about Kyocera Business Applications today!

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