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If you’ve never used an electronic document management system, you may be wondering how it all works together. Like many technology solutions, the system seems complicated at first glance. The truth is, document management is surprisingly simple to implement, and its ability to simplify complex tasks is nothing short of revolutionary.

Document Management Defined

Document management involves a series of simple steps that center around converting documents into digital formats.

  1. Users scan documents as they arrive into their workflows. Archived paper documents can be scanned later as time allows.
  2. Optical Character Recognition software extracts data from scanned documents and routes it to the correct file in the document management system.
  3. Once stored, documents are easy to retrieve using a keyword search feature.
  4. Once retrieved, users can edit, distribute and collaborate on stored documents.

Document Management Benefits

There are a host of advantages surrounding electronic document management. Here’s how the most obvious will benefit your organization.

  1. Storage requirements — A quick look at your office may reveal that you’ve been slowly crowded out by paper. Since digital documents require virtually no physical storage space, you can reclaim the area currently occupied by filing cabinets and boxes and use it for core business objectives.
  2. Faster retrieval — Searching for documents in a paper-based storage system is incredibly time-consuming. A document management system puts your files just a click or two away—a decided advantage over searching through filing cabinets, boxes, and dusty storage facilities.
  3. Enhanced security — Security solutions for paper documents have never been very effective, and they won’t stand up to today’s rigorous compliance regulations. Document management deploys multiple layers of security protocols to keep your information safe.

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