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Workflow may be an overused word, but Merriam-Webster’s succinct definition says it all: the sequence of steps involved in moving from the beginning to the end of a working process.

When your company’s workflows are undefined, out of sequence, or plagued by redundancies, you will be unable to get “from the beginning to the end” efficiently.

Making Your Workflows Work Better

Business leaders who take on the task of automating workflows throughout their organization can boast improved productivity, lower costs, fewer process errors, and enhanced document security. Here’s how to begin redesigning your workflows and what tools you’ll need to accomplish the task.

1. Map It Out

A workflow begins at one destination and ends at another. Just like travel, a map is essential for success. While you may eventually arrive at your destination without an accurate map, you’ll waste time, money, and energy as you miss important turns and be forced to backtrack and repeat your steps.

Mapping out your workflows gives your team a blueprint for fine-tuning complex tasks, and involving them in the mapping process is the best way to complete an accurate workflow map in the least amount of time.

2. Test the Plan

Using your workflow map, follow the steps exactly and note any missing steps or redundancies. Make corrections as needed. No fair using your memory instead of your map. Remember, your map needs to work for new employees who don’t have your experience.

3. Implement the Plan

Now that your process has been clarified, it’s time for automation. Scanning your documents using a multifunction printer is the fastest and most accurate way to automate workflows and route information into electronic document management system.

4. Repeat the Plan

Your experience automating one workflow will make the next even easier, and before long your team will be scanning documents and automating processes as a matter of course.

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