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Every healthcare facility requires a line-up of reliable, advanced office equipment. From laser printers to multifunction systems, a fleet of state-of-the-art office equipment helps improve productivity, reduce costs, and secure private patient information.

Beginning at the Front Door

An efficient check-in process is essential to first-class patient care. No one likes to wait, and long queues in the waiting room can cause a ripple effect throughout the entire day. Many healthcare facilities rely on a multifunction system to streamline their check-in process. Here’s why a front office multifunction printer is essential to your facility’s daily processes.

Faster Check-Ins

A slow check-in process can frustrate patients and send them searching for a new provider. Speeding things up isn’t difficult with a multifunction system conveniently stationed right next to your front office staff.

  • Scan and copy insurance cards and patient identification
  • Scan and route health questionnaires directly to patient files for easy retrieval by back-office staff

Fast Access to Patient Records

With a multifunction system, there’s no need to print hard copies of patient records. Electronic document management combined with the scanning feature on your multifunction office equipment lets staff members route digital documents directly to patient files. Medical staff can access these records with a few clicks using a laptop or tablet. With a document management system, files are available just seconds after they’re scanned and routed to the patient file. The benefits include no long waits for paper files, no missing documentation, and lower costs.

Paperless Solutions for Your Patients

More and more patients prefer electronic records over paper copies. Whichever format your patients choose, there are office equipment solutions available to meet their needs.

Is your office equipment aiding your check-in and back-office processes? Contact us at ZENO Office Solutions for a demonstration of the latest technologies today. We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews.