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Is your organization considering a document management solution? Is your decision to move forward on hold because you have a cloud-based vs. on-premises decision to make?

A document management system can revolutionize your company’s processes, improving productivity and saving valuable resources, and adoption is fast becoming a business imperative.

In the Cloud or Onsite?

Cloud-based document management solutions are growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. There are also plenty of reasons why some organizations prefer an onsite solution. If you’re not sure whether moving your documents to a cloud-based document management system is right for your company, here’s a quick look at the facts.

1. Which One Costs Less?

It’s a rare organization that doesn’t have to consider costs, and cloud-based document management is the hands-down winner on this issue. A standard monthly fee per user is usually how cloud services are billed. Additional charges may be incurred for custom solutions and added features.

The size of your organization may impact your ability to choose a dedicated onsite server, but larger organizations with hundreds or thousands of users may find this the better option. IT Services providers can help strategize a technology plan and provide ongoing support throughout the engagement period.

2. Infrastructure Considerations

cloud-based document management solution requires no onsite IT infrastructure, as the service provider has already taken care of this for you. With no heavy lifting required on your end, set up is as simple as downloading a program and scanning your documents.

An onsite document management strategy requires room to house the required infrastructure and an IT team to provide maintenance and support. The only other significant expense is for electricity.

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