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Innovative business applications from Kyocera aren’t just for the corporate world; educators are getting help with the time-consuming task of test printing and grading with Kyocera Teaching Assistant.

How Kyocera Teaching Assistant Makes All the Difference

  1. User-friendly Functionality

With no network resources, software or cables required, teachers won’t need IT support to install or learn the process. The Kyocera App is simply embedded in the school’s Kyocera multifunction printers for a streamlined process teachers love. The intuitive touch-screen lets teachers and assistants:

  • Print tests using familiar bubble-sheet formats
  • Scan completed student tests
  • Access test scores, which are available immediately after scanning
  • Generate companion reports
  • Get immediate results with no frustrating wait time
  1. Identify Student Trends and Secure Your Information

Teaching Assistant from Kyocera business applications really is almost like having a new teaching assistant on staff. Here’s why:

  • Use Kyocera analytics to identify the ten most difficult and easiest questions on a test
  • Identify areas where students have not comprehended teaching material and use this knowledge to improve presentations and plan new strategies
  • Add essay questions to tests
  • Print student names directly on test sheets
  • Use compiled data for year-end statistics
  • Protect tests and test results with automatic data clearing every print job
  1. Save Money and Go Green

School budgets rarely have extra room for luxuries, and Kyocera business applications are designed to make the best use of your existing resources.

  • Use your existing black and white or color Kyocera multifunction printer to print tests and gather analytics via Teaching Assistant
  • Print tests on plain copy paper instead of the expensive media required by some test printing systems
  • Route test scores and statistics digitally via email or save to USB drive, reducing costs and energy usage

Kyocera business applications provide solutions for a wide variety of industries and organizations. To find out more, contact us at ZENO Office Solutions today! We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews.