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Does your company still depend on paper for core business processes? If you’re buried in a sea of printed invoices, reports, purchase orders, and interoffice memorandums, it’s time to get real about the cost of paper.

The Impact of Paper

Aside from the obvious environmental concerns, too much paper is bad for your business. With more and more organizations transitioning to electronic document management, we’re not far away from an exclusively digital business environment. If your company hopes to stay in the game, now is the right time to begin switching from paper to digital document management.

Here’s how your company will benefit from a document management system.

  1. Reduced spending. Any solution that improves productivity and reduces spending is a win in our opinion. Document management allows you to replace expensive paper-based procedures with streamlined digital alternatives. Envision your office with far fewer printed documents, almost no paper storage systems, and one centralized multifunction printer to bridge the gap between your digital and paper processes.
  2. Improved access. When your employees spend hours each day sifting through piles, filing cabinets, boxes, and complex PC filing systems, they’re not doing something else. Usually that “something else” is their field of expertise and it’s why you added them to your team in the first place. Document management stores information and makes it accessible to authorized users in a matter of seconds with keyword searches.
  3. Improved productivity. When employees aren’t searching for paper files or trying to figure out which email attachment includes the latest project updates, they’ll have time to help you grow your business. Document management provides real-time collaboration solutions, version controls, and due date management to help bring your projects in on time and for less money.

Don’t let paper documents be your company’s nemesis. Contact us at ZENO to learn more about document management today! We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews.